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It was when he realized that she is prepared to make a huge sacrifice (one of her children) which makes her deserving to be his queen. Tbh, I see this happening in usual romantic stories although i don't like it. I'll be asking others for their opinions too i hope you don't mind. But, contrary to what I’d hoped, she didn’t jump at the chance to protect people and I started to question who she was and did struggle a bit with that; so, when she finally seemed to get on board, it was confirmation that perhaps she was good after all. And her very grand entrance at the wight hunt got filtered through that and it was easy to project my own relief onto Jon. It was easy to get swept up by the spectacle of it all and forget to see things through Jon’s eyes.

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It’s just excruciatingly mundane, and so very unoriginal. I wish it wasn’t that way, as I would love to see great horror on the 3DS. ementium Remastered is not, however, great horror on the 3DS, and it would be more honest to call it Dementium Regurgitated. It’s just plain bad, and there aren’t enough giant insects in the world to convince me otherwise. At worst, it’s an ugly and boring game where the most interesting aspect is the prevalence an of inconsistent framerate despite looking like garbage. The worst part is, I have the horrible suspicion that Valhalla believes it made something really, really good.


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I lived in Germany for three years, participated in many volksmarches, and learned to like wine! 7. I lived in Panama for three years, saw iguanas and ate monkey meat! 8. To this day I don’t like elevators. 10.


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ential. Be as honest as you can, so we can come to a, a good solution. And then, I walked through the doors and then he hit me again. And I was standing on the steps and he grabbed my coat. And you didn’t like the way he said it, so you hit him? ethan: No.


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